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Flowers for my Valentine
A Kuurae-Ashido Fanfic

Today was Valentines day. Ashido sat on the couch sighing deeply. She prayed long and hard that she would have the courage to confess to her best friend. She made a tight fist and held it close to her chest, gently pounding the air trying to motivate herself. She inhaled hard and grabbed the bouquet of flowers. She then stormed to her car and turned on the engine.
Soon after pulling up at the garage of her best friend's house, she looked at the bouquet and thought hard. Will she reject her love and hate her or accept it and be happy? Ashido sighed again and left her car. She stood at the front door and clenched the bouquet. It wasn't ten seconds before she saw Kuurae at the window. Kuurae's smile lifted her spirits and was almost pulled right in the house. "Ashido, why are you here? I thought you were going to visit your mom." Kuurae noticed the flowers and gently fluffed them. "Are these for your mom, they're beautiful~" she said. Ashido stood still as a board and stuttered. "O-oh no, these are for you Anee-chan..." Kuurae's cheeks flushed red like a tomato.
"Ashido, why are these for me?"
"I chose these because I really like you Kuurae, ever since High school...And, I don't think I "like" you, I think I'm in love with you." She had mumbled the last sentence under her breath. "But, I had thought that you were into someone else. I don't think I am worthy." Ashido had stared long and hard at the floorboard twiddling the sleeve of her shirt. She then clenched her hand into a tight fist and looked up at the dark haired girl in front of her. "I wouldn't choose anyone else in this world but you. You've always been by my side, making me smile and laugh. You erase any bad thing that happens in my life. But, I was afraid." Tears started to form in her eyes. Kuurae, too flustered to even think stood and listened to Ashido kind words. "Ashido, I never knew you've felt that way. I have honestly been thinking about you the same way." Ashido looked deep into Kuurae's eyes and smiled ear to ear. She then gently pulled her in for a hug and whispered. "Kuurae, will you be my Waifu?"
"Of course I will my Huashband~!"
The two young women looked into each other's eyes and smiled. They had a feeling it was the start of a beautiful relationship.
Flowers for my Valentine- A Kuurae-Ashido Fanfic
I swear this is just as a joke and for fun because me and her always joke about being husband and wife XD

:iconkuurae: Give her some love~ <3
Envious to us all Part 3 by Oculus-Prime
Envious to us all Part 3
Before I even realized it I forgot to add her wings.....SHIT!! in the next pages she will. I was just so caught up in using my new markers I forgot to add her damn wings! -3- Grrr anger!! I can't believe I forgot the damn wings! And I just broke a two-thousand dollar tea cup!!!

Previous page: Envious to all part 2

Nest part: Envousis to us all part 4
Envious to all part 1 by Oculus-Prime
Envious to all part 1
A collab comic I'm working with Coolterra342

warning: I suck at drawing dragons but damnit it all if I don't try!

Next part:Envious to all part 2 


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I love to read, write, and draw a lot
Murry Canishmas everyone~!

I hope everyone has an amazing and blessed day today

As for me, I'm gonna be rocking it today *put on football helmet and rams through bedroom door* SANTA~!!!

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